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I live in France.

I opened my lj mainly when I discovered Johnny's entertainment music.
I started listening to different bands: ARASHI, News, KAT-TUN,T&T, Kanjani 8, Kinki Kids....
And one day (around september-october 2008), a friend of mine lent me a copy of V6yager DVD concert. That's when I fell... I love V6 (I still like others, but not as much as I love that band XD)

Apart from that, I like travelling, meeting people from everywhere...

If you want me to add you as friend, leave a commment or pm.

Il m'arrive de faire des traductions (softsubs)...inutile de m'ajouter uniquement pour ça: les posts sont pulics. Pas de video ni de media disponibles sur mon LJ.

No video nor media on my LJ.... communities are here for that.

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